Lukas Brose

From a young age I realized that touch is my innate way of communication, giving Massages and Healing Touch intuitively. It's important to me that you feel heard, seen and held in all the facets of your being and feel supported throughout your process.

I have been learning techniques of the Art of Touch in Bodywork and Massage through a diverse variety of trainings and courses. Such as: Thai Yoga Massage, Dynamic Massage, Cranio Sacral Listening and Integrational Elements, Reiki Lvl 1-3, Therapeutic Flying and Visceral Techniques.

The trust and flow of my intuition is profoundly influenced by my dedication to Meditation and Yoga. For me it’s key to have a deep sense of understanding of my own body to be able to hold space for others and allow the natural healing process to take place. Attuning to the moment I meet the unique needs of the particular receiver.